Product family KINEO – Drinking

The design of the KINEO product family is characterized by prominent oblique lines, that are jointly forming a harmonious overall appearance. Wooden elements are forming a warm contrast to the modern, dark porcelain stoneware and the high-quality stainless steel components. In the drinking section, the KINEO series includes an insulation jug in two different sizes, a water carafe, a milk jug, a sugar bowl, a cup and a tray.


Mobility pillar Baden-Würtemberg

In order to increase the visibility of sustainable mobility offers and, in particular, to promote walking and cycling, a mobility pillar was developed for Baden-Württemberg, that is clearly visible but does not disturb the cityscape. It offers the same information as an existing, larger pillar. A site plan and directions on a floor plate facilitate a quick orientation. Further information is provided via pictograms, text, images and QR codes. Depending on the location, a bicycle repairing kit is integrated. The lightning is powered by a solar module. In addition to design and functional aspects, special attention was paid to accessibility.

Customer:NVBW / Verkehrsministerium Baden-Württemberg

Hygienic entrance gate SAFEGATE

With SAFEGATE a hygienic entrance gate has been created, that enables a secure access to buildings and events and an optimal prevention. Hand disinfection, measuring of the body temperature, check of protective masks, as well as data control and access control are completed automatically and quickly. The modular system is designed to be used intuitively and cleaned easily. Its pure design appears at the same time welcoming and protective.

Customer:SafeGate GmbH