Watering can FLEUR

High quality home accessories made of polished stainless steel with a handle of walnut. FLEUR convinces with its clearly design and geometric forms what makes this product elegant and timeless. Its ergonomic handle and the long spout enables convenient and exact drip-free watering.

Customer:Auerhahn Bestecke


The RADHAUS provides indoor parking space for up to 120 bicycles, weatherproof and protected against theft. This bike tower runs completely automatically with proven pallet handling. Up to 12 bikes can be parked on both sides simultaneously. The location in close proximity to the railway station is attractive especially for commuters, who want to park their bikes safely and quickly.
Conception and development of the bike tower as well as the design of its wooden facade were realized in close co-operation with the City of Offenburg and producer SMT.

Customer:Stadt Offenburg

Helios KWL

Redesign of the KWL product family and development of typical Heliosʹ new brand look. Because of technical reasons its very cubistic form remains unchanged. With clips on sides and beads we conceived relief-like cover surface expressing its technical innovation and to stabilize the cover front.

Business:Home Technology
Customer:Helios Ventilatoren