Design is diverse. Our interlinked working method, over 20 years of experience in innovative and sustainable product development as well as our broad range of activities are reflected in all our projects.

Since existence of our office we are working for clients from different industries and are constantly searching new tasks and challenges. Companies and international brands from the field of consumer goods and capital goods as well as cities and municipalities belong to our clients.

Fields of activity:
Consumer products (kitchen appliances, laid table, home accessories)
Capital goods (industry, home technology, electronics, ticketing)
Public design (mobility stations, architecture)
User-Interface design (GUI, UX)
Corporate design (graphic design, style guide, product families)

Research, Market observation, moodboard, idea finding, conception, creative tools, agile methods, workshops, 3D modeling, visualization, animation, explanatory videos, graphical work, assembly instructions, component catalogs, engineering drawings, construction

Solutions for:
Ergonomics, usability, color, material, construction and manufacturing process

Advice in the field of:
Product design, market and design strategy, mobility concepts, manufacturing process, search of manufacturer

Design process

A design development comprises in most cases 3 – 4 design phases. At the end of each phase, the solutions and drafts are discussed with the client and targets for the next phase are determined. Our design developments are always generated in a close cooperation with the client.

Concept and idea phase:
Extensive research, idea workshop, application of agile methods, development and visualization of first concepts and ideas, visualization of the concepts with sketches and simple computer representations. Presentation of the concepts to the client.

Design phase:
Refining and concretization of the chosen concepts, iterative design rounds, first creation of model prototypes (as needed), elaboration of design, function and technique, visualization of the concepts (renderings), presentation of the designs to the client and decision for one concept/design for further development.

Elaboration / further detailing:
Detailed elaboration of the chosen design, final CAD construction, photorealistic renderings, design model or functional model (as needed), creation of production and assembly data / drawings or catalogues of modules and components. Presentation of the detailed concept to the client.

Support of the realization:
Supply of all relevant production and CAD Data. Assistance with technical realization, manufacturing process and search for manufacturer if needed. Support with market launch.