For many years we have been developing and designing products and project concepts for medium sized companies and international brands as well as cities and municipalities. You can find out about our current projects and innovations at our website.


ORLAS CREATOR: 3D-metal additive manufacturing machine for the highest demands. The compact system provides sophisticated, in-house developed software and a professionally designed user-friendly interface. A modern technology integrated into one elegant, clearly arranged housing. Awarded with the reddot Award 2017 and German Design Award WINNER 2018. learn more

Board computer KT 0101

An on board computer system with an innovative technology and a generously designed customer interface for vehicles of public transport. With a 180° pivoted driver display enables optimal positioning in the vehicle. learn more

1st prize in the competition

“Mobility Stations Osnabrück”

Award-winning design of modular components for Mobility Stations for the city area of Osnabrück.
Convincing design solutions and structure concept for modern stations of different uses and construction sizes. learn more

Mobility Stations Offenburg

Development and design of mobility stations for the city of Offenburg. A future-oriented concept to create an intermodal transport network that attracted nationwide attention. The innovative project is characterised by a modular construction. Awarded with the German Design Award “WINNER” 2016. learn more


A modern laser workstation with five axes; efficiently and versatile. Each axis reaches an acceleration of 1m/s² by maximum speed of 30 m/min. Precision and dynamics of the unit finds its expression in iF award-winning design 2016. learn more

Kollektion NUOVA/VELA

Stylistic cutlery set and a wide variety of implements developed for the traditional brand WMF. Distinctive and timeless design with extraordinary details.
The comprehensive cutlery set was nominated for the German Design Award 2013. learn more

Current Awards

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